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Pickering emulsions stabilized with cashew gum nanoparticles as indomethacin carrier

Lima Cardial, Mayrla R., Paula, Haroldo C.B., da Silva, Rudson Brendon Cordeiro, da Silva Barros, João Felipe, Richter, Ana Rosa, Sombra, Fernanda M., de Paula, Regina C.M.
International journal of biological macromolecules 2019 v.132 pp. 534-540
cashew gum, droplet size, droplets, emulsifying properties, emulsions, encapsulation, indomethacin, ionic strength, nanoparticles, spectroscopy, zeta potential
Polysaccharide nanoparticles with potential to stabilize Pickering emulsions have been recently object of many research. Acetylated cashew gum with different degrees of substitution has been used in this work, in the pursuit of obtaining stable Pickering emulsions. Acetylated cashew gum was characterized by infrared and nuclear resonance spectroscopy. Effects of cashew gum derivative acetyl content, droplet size, ionic strength, zeta potential on emulsion properties were investigated. As a proof of concept, indomethacin was encapsulated in droplets and its release profile determined. Data obtained revealed droplet sizes in the range 269–312 nm, with unimodal size distribution and zeta potential values from −46 Mv to −48 Mv. Encapsulation efficiencies were in the range 26–52%, a steady release profile reached in 3 h, releasing maximal 75% IND.