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Eco-friendly indigo carmine-loaded chitosan coatings for improved anti-corrosion protection of zinc substrates

Szőke, Árpád Ferenc, Szabó, Gabriella Stefánia, Hórvölgyi, Zoltán, Albert, Emőke, Gaina, Luiza, Muresan, Liana Maria
Carbohydrate polymers 2019 v.215 pp. 63-72
chitosan, coatings, corrosion, crosslinking, dielectric spectroscopy, glass, indigo, indigo carmine, models, ultraviolet-visible spectroscopy, wettability, zinc
Chitosan (Chit) coatings were prepared on zinc and glass substrates by dip-coating method. The coatings were impregnated with a non-toxic compound, indigo carmine (IC). The novel, eco-friendly, IC-loaded chitosan coatings were characterized morpho-structurally, and their corrosion protection behavior was investigated using potentiodynamic polarization and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy techniques. The surface properties of the coated samples were evaluated by wettability measurements. The thickness of the native chitosan layers and the stability of the impregnated layers in terms of dye release on glass substrates were studied by UV–vis spectrophotometry. The good corrosion inhibiting efficiency of the coatings (>90%) was attributed to the ionic crosslinking of the positively charged Chit with negatively charged IC. The Chit-IC coatings can be successfully used as model systems for chitosan-based coatings incorporating ionic inhibitors and in less demanding applications, such as temporary protective coatings for metals, removable on demand by scrubbing with mild acidic solutions.