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Performance assessment and parametric study of a hybrid system consisting of an alkali metal thermoelectric converter and an absorption refrigerator

Wang, Yuan, Zhang, Houcheng, Hao, Haoshan, Li, Haidong
Energy conversion and management 2019 v.188 pp. 346-353
absorption, energy conversion, heat transfer, models, refrigerators, temperature
A novel hybrid system model is established to boost the energy conversion efficiency of an alkali metal thermoelectric converter (AMTEC) by combining with an absorption refrigerator (AR). Based on the available models of the AMTEC and AR, the power output and the efficiency of the hybrid system are discussed. Power outputs and efficiencies of the subsystems and hybrid system are compared, and the advantages of the proposed device are demonstrated. Maximum efficiencies of the stand-alone AMTEC and hybrid system are 26.57% and 39.24%, respectively. The optimally working regions for the current density, power output, and efficiency of the hybrid system are determined. The effects of the cooled space temperature on the working region of the current density are revealed, and the influences of the condenser temperature of the AMTEC and the heat-transfer irreversibility on the established system performance are also discussed.