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Assessment of nitrate, nitrite, bromate and bromide levels in beer from different styles and origins

Della Betta, Fabiana, Siqueira, Mariana Araújo, Vitali, Luciano, Fett, Roseane, Oliveira Costa, Ana Carolina
Subtropical plant science 2019 v.79 pp. 63-69
beers, capillary zone electrophoresis, chemical species, detection limit, guidelines, nitrates, nitrites
In this paper, a sub-minute capillary zone electrophoresis method was developed, validated and applied for the simultaneous determination of bromate, bromide, nitrate, and nitrite in 26 beers from 7 countries. The method was validated following the Eurachem guidelines, and demonstrate suitability to provide reliable analytical data since linearity was confirmed, and good results for precision (<4%), accuracy (86.7–104%), selectivity, and robustness were obtained. The method was considered environmentally friendly by the Eco-Scale. Nitrate was detected in all samples in concentrations ranging from 0.21 to 54.1 mg L−1, whereas the bromate, bromide, and nitrite levels were under the limit of detection in all samples. Due to the greenness, and the high analysis throughput (about 52 samples per hour) the proposed method could be a useful tool for beer manufacturers, routine analysis laboratories, and regulatory agency to assess the analytes in beer samples.