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Fatty acids as essential adjuvants to treat various ailments and their role in drug delivery: A review

Katdare, Aakash, Thakkar, Shreya, Dhepale, Shivshankar, Khunt, Dignesh, Misra, Manju
Nutrition 2019 v.65 pp. 138-157
adjuvants, central nervous system, drugs, eyes, fatty acids, therapeutics, tissue repair
Since the discovery of fatty acids, they have carved their own niche as vital adjuvants in drug delivery and as treatment for various diseases. The literature has repeatedly described the essential role of various fatty acids in treating a wide range of diseases and disorders, from central nervous system diseases to wound healing. The use of fatty acids has expanded to many horizons and in recent decades they have gained importance as drug delivery adjuvants in addition to their auxiliary benefits in treating various diseases. Although fatty acids aid in solving both formulation-based and therapeutic challenges, they have never been viewed as dual agents by modern scientific literature. The aim of this review was to provide this perspective and combine the very discreet literature about fatty acids, which includes their role as therapeutic adjuvants and drug delivery agents. It gives insights on the use of fatty acids in treating the diseases of the eye, skin, central nervous system, viral diseases, and so on. The review further discusses how the structure of fatty acids plays an important role in therapeutic activity and affects formulation stability.