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Ex situ simultaneous nitrification-denitrification and in situ denitrification process for the treatment of landfill leachates

Li, Jie, Wu, Beibei, Li, Qian, Zou, Yuzhu, Cheng, Zhaowen, Sun, Xiaojie, Xi, Beidou
Waste management 2019 v.88 pp. 301-308
bioreactors, denitrification, energy costs, landfill leachates, landfills, nitrification, waste management
The objective of this research was to investigate the ex situ simultaneous nitrification–denitrification (SND) and in situ denitrification process and to evaluate its application for treating landfill leachates at long-term operations. Based on the predicted contaminant concentrations, two sets of laboratory-scale bioreactor landfill systems (an ex situ nitrification and in situ denitrification bioreactor as well as an ex situ SND and in situ denitrification bioreactor) were operated continuously for about 48 weeks. The recirculated leachate quantity and effluent characteristics of leachates were regularly monitored and analyzed by using the standard method. The ex situ SND and in situ denitrification process obtained a better leachate removal performance compared with the ex situ nitrification and in situ denitrification process, while the ex situ SND process can reduce the energy costs. However, the leachate treatment performance of this process was generally unsatisfactory as the contaminant concentrations do not meet the discharge standard within the forecasted time. These results further proved that the effectiveness of the treatment decreases along with an increasing landfill age. Therefore, further research must be performed to optimize the treatment efficiency of the bioreactor.