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An electrochemical sensing platform based on ladder-shaped DNA structure and label-free aptamer for ultrasensitive detection of ampicillin

Taghdisi, Seyed Mohammad, Danesh, Noor Mohammad, Nameghi, Morteza Alinezhad, Ramezani, Mohammad, Alibolandi, Mona, Abnous, Khalil
Biosensors & bioelectronics 2019 v.133 pp. 230-235
DNA, ampicillin, aptasensors, detection limit, electrochemistry, electrodes, electrostatic interactions, ferricyanides, ferrocyanides, gold, milk, oligonucleotides
Herein, an electrochemical aptasensor is described for detection of ampicillin (Ampi). The sensing strategy is based on the application of a ladder-shaped DNA structure as a multi-layer physical block on the surface of gold electrode. Attributing to the electrostatic repulsion and physical prevention of the ladder-shaped DNA structure, ultrasensitive detection of Ampi was achieved with a detection limit as low as 1 pM. In the presence of Ampi, the ladder-shaped DNA structure is disassembled and detached from the electrode surface. This leads to the high access of [Fe(CN)6]3-/4- as a redox indicator to the electrode surface and a strong redox peak. The aptasensor response for Ampi detection was in the linear range from 7 pM to 100 nM with the detection limit of 1 pM. The presented analytical strategy showed its application in detecting Ampi in the spiked milk samples with satisfactory performance. This work can be easily expanded for different targets by alternating the corresponding aptamers.