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Isolation and identification of a variant subtype G 2b porcine epidemic diarrhea virus and S gene sequence characteristic

Zhu, Tongjia, Du, Shuaishuai, Cao, Dongmei, Pei, Zhihua, Guo, Yanbing, Shao, Hongze, Wang, Haijun, Wang, Kai, Hu, Guixue
Infection, genetics, and evolution 2019 v.71 pp. 82-90
Porcine epidemic diarrhea virus, amino acid sequences, amino acids, diarrhea, electron microscopy, epitopes, farms, fluorescent antibody technique, genes, infectious diseases, intestines, neonates, nucleotide sequences, nucleotides, phylogeny, piglets, polymerase chain reaction, sequence analysis, vaccines, China
Porcine epidemic diarrhea (PED) which is caused by porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDV), is an intestinal communicable disease. In recent years, though pigs have been immunized with the vaccines in pig farms, PED still broke out and caused severe economic losses to the swine industry in the northeast China. In this study, the sample was positive for PEDV variant strains via the nano-nest PCR. The strain was successfully isolated from positive samples and was serially passaged in Vero-E6 cells. In addition, the strain was identified via electron microscopy observation, indirect immunofluorescence assay and infection experiment in newborn piglets and named PEDV CH/JLDH/2016 strain (Accession No. MF346935). Phylogenetic analysis of the S gene showed that the CH/JLDH/2016 strain was clustered into G2b subgroup. Comparing with the CV777 vaccine strain, amino acid sequence analysis of CH/JLDH/2016 strain showed that 15 nucleotides were inserted and 9 were absent in S gene, whose amino acid sequence it educed insertions of 5 amino acids(58NQGX61 and 145N) and absences of 3 amino acids(164RD165 and 1204Y). Our strain, in the SS2 epitope have no amino acid, variant while in SS6 epitope, Y changed into S in 776th amino acid. The results indicated that PEDV G2b variant strains have been emerged in Jilin province. The identification of new types of PEDV variant strains would stimulate the development of effective vaccines for the prevention and control of PED. The novel vaccines that based on these newly identified PEDV variant strains may contribute to the control of PED outbreaks in China.