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Current insights on high priority antibiotic-resistant Salmonella enterica in food and foodstuffs: a review

Monte, Daniel F, Lincopan, Nilton, Fedorka-Cray, Paula J, Landgraf, Mariza
Current opinion in food science 2019 v.26 pp. 35-46
Salmonella enterica, antibiotic resistance, antibiotics, clones, food chain, foods, interspersed repetitive sequences, multiple drug resistance, public health
Multi-drug resistant Salmonella enterica remains one of the most pressing global concerns. The use of antimicrobials in food chain has contributed to the selection of resistant strains and their dissemination through vectors contributes to persistence in the environment. Further, the emergence of international clones could be favored by the versatility of Salmonella through host adaptability, ubiquity, and persistence along the food chain. Mobile genetic elements are likely a key vector, which propagates resistant clones. In this regard, Salmonella isolates displaying resistance, especially to the last resort antibiotics raises a public health concern as treatment options become limited. This review aims to provide insights on our current understanding of the antibiotic-resistant S. enterica and of their persistence along food chain.