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Transformative actions on communities and landscapes: the case of Kaldabruna village

Storie, Joanna T., Külvik, Mart
Landscape research 2019 v.44 no.3 pp. 337-350
data collection, landscapes, self-esteem, traditions, villages
The dynamic relationship of people to landscapes changes according to the context; as regimes change the balance of power shifts, resulting in different values arising where landscapes are perceived in different ways and new landscape uses examined. Changing landscapes can bring a restoration of hope to a place. This paper examines the role that an evolving landscape, both physically and culturally, in a small, rural Latvian community played in the formation of a revitalised landscape identity. By combining new and old traditions, self-esteem rose and in turn contributed to further changes to the landscape with influence rippling outwards to neighbouring areas. We have used observation, workshops and ongoing dialogue as data collection methods at the site. We draw on historical and individual narratives to tell the story of the landscape and then draw some conclusions regarding the transformative actions upon the communities and the landscape.