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Age, growth and reproduction of the Mediterranean killifish Aphanius fasciatus Nardo, 1827 in Mellah Lagoon (Eastern Algeria)

Labbaci, A., Chaoui, L., Kara, M. H.
Environmental biology of fishes 2019 v.102 no.4 pp. 663-674
Aphanius fasciatus, body length, body weight, breeding season, females, growth performance, males, sex ratio, sexual maturity, Algeria
This paper studies the biology of reproduction and growth of the Mediterranean killifish Aphanius fasciatus in Mellah Lagoon (Algeria). This work helps to complete data lacks for this species concerning West Mediterranean and especially the westmost known distributions limit. A total of 1169 individuals (14.3 mm ≥ TL ≥ 54.4 mm, 0.06 g ≥ TW ≥ 3.89 g) caught monthly from January to December 2012, were examined. The population has a 6-year life cycle. Length–weight relationship was estimated as TW = 0.0093 LT³.⁵¹³ (r² = 0.804) for males and TW = 0.0091 TL³.⁵⁰⁴ (r² = 0.766) for females. The von Bertalanffy growth function fitted to back-calculated size at age data was: Lt = 49.45 [1 - e⁻⁰.²⁷⁴ ⁽ᵗ ⁺ ¹.¹⁷⁷⁾] for males, Lt = 59.03 [1 - e⁻⁰.¹⁷⁹ ⁽ᵗ ⁺ ¹.⁵¹⁴⁾] for females. The growth performance index (Φ) indicate that females (Φ = 6.67) grew slightly faster than males (Φ = 6.50). Sex-ratio was 1:1.6 in favor of females. The reproductive season extended from February to July. The length at first sexual maturity was 3.84 cm for males and 4.14 cm for females.