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Management of ASC-US/HPV positive post-menopausal woman

Bruno, Maria Teresa, Coco, Angela, Di Pasqua, Salvatore, Bonanno, Giulia
Virology journal 2019 v.16 no.1 pp. 39
biopsy, colposcopy, estriol, histology, patients, postmenopause, risk, women
BACKGROUND: The aim of our study was to determine which diagnostic course is best to identify women at risk of CIN2+ among post-menopausal women with cytological diagnosis of ASCUS METHODS: We selected women who had been post-menopausal for at least one year , and who had completed the entire diagnostic-therapeutic course that they had undertaken. The sample was divided into two arms: in the first arm, we considered 146 ASCUS positive women who had undergone the HPV test, colposcopy and then underwent more detailed diagnostics by means of LEEP or a scraping of the cervical canal. The second arm was made up of 124 ASCUS positive women who had undergone a vaginal administration of estriolo, the HPV test and colposcopy. Estriol was administered for 5 weeks: the first week one vaginal suppository every evening, the other four weeks the administration was twice a week. Then, the patients underwent colposcopy. In cases of positivity a biopsy was carried out, the patients positive for CIN2+ at the biopsy underwent excisional therapy using LEEP and were followed up. The patients, who were negative at colposcopy or with histological diagnosis of CIN1, were examined again at 1 year. RESULTS: In the first arm the HPV test had an SE of 94%, an SP of 68%, NPV of 99%, and PPV of 28%. The PPV is very low because of the elevated percentage of false positives that the HPV test gave (71%). In the second arm the HPV test maintained its high SE (100%), an SP of 74%, a NPV of 100%, and a PPV of 43%. The use of estrogen increased the specificity of the test. CONCLUSION: It is important to say that the second arm indicates the use of local estrogen therapy only for ASCUS/HPV positive postmenopausal women. Therefore, the HPV test should be used as the first diagnostic possibility in cases of ASCUS in post-menopausal women, associating local estrogen therapy only with HPV positive women.