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Genetic Diversity Analysis of Indonesian Aromatic Rice Varieties (Oryza sativa L.) Using RAPD

Zakiyah, Nur Meili, Handoyo, Tri, Kim, Kyung-Min
Journal of crop science and biotechnology 2019 v.22 no.1 pp. 55-63
Oryza sativa, elderly, genetic variation, genotype, plant breeders, random amplified polymorphic DNA technique, rice
In this research, we investigated genetic diversity of 21 rice genotypes (Oryza sativa L.) assessed using 38 decamer RAPD primers. A total of 405 bands were produced from 38 primers, which revealed that 84.44% was polymorphic and 15.56% was monomorphic. From the first cluster, Batang Gadis separated from 14 other genotypes. The second cluster consisted of six genotypes which all had awn in the seed except Gogo Fatuk Masin. The high number of amplified polymorphism bands showed that the markers can be used to distinguish the rice genotype well. RAPD markers can show differences in individual fingerprint patterns, since genetic variation is important for the maintenance and development of the organism's potential. The information about the genetic diversity in this study was useful for plant breeders in the selection of elders and processing of plant cultivation.