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Endophyte-mediated synthesis of silver nanoparticles and their biological applications

Rahman, Sidra, Rahman, Lubna, Khalil, Ali Talha, Ali, Nasir, Zia, Dania, Ali, Muhammad, Shinwari, Zabta Khan
Applied microbiology and biotechnology 2019 v.103 no.6 pp. 2551-2569
biological resources, biopharmaceuticals, biosynthesis, endophytes, ions, microorganisms, nanoparticles, nanosilver, secondary metabolites, symbiosis, therapeutics
Biosynthesis has emerged as a frontier technology for fabrication of functionally diverse nanoparticles that possess tremendous therapeutic implications. Various biological resources have already demonstrated their potential to produce nanoparticles with interesting features. Endophytic microbes live in a symbiotic relationship with plants possessing a unique and versatile reservoir of potentially therapeutic secondary metabolites having the tendency to reduce metallic ions into nanoparticles. Successful biosynthesis of AgNPs using endophytic organisms has already been reported; however, the overall picture about its synthesis and applications is still not clear. In the current article, a comprehensive review of literature was performed for comparing different physical and biological properties of endophytic microbe-derived AgNPs. In addition, the present paper mechanistically explains the synthesis of AgNPs and their diverse pharmacognostic properties. Further studies are encouraged to understand the mechanism of biopharmaceutical effects of these endophyte-mediated NPs.