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Two New Species of the Spittlebug Genus Ocoaxo Fennah (Hemiptera: Cercopidae) from Mexico, and Keys for the Groups, Group Three, and First Subgroup

Castro-Valderrama, U, Carvalho, G S, Peck, D C, Valdez-Carrasco, J M, Romero Nápoles, J
Neotropical entomology 2019 v.48 no.2 pp. 260-268
Cercopidae, Neotropics, Pinus, insects, mountains, new species, Mexico
Insects of the family Cercopidae are known as spittlebugs or froghoppers and are represented by 62 genera in the Neotropical region. One of these genera is Ocoaxo Fennah, 1968 with 30 species. The most recent species to be accepted into this genus, Ocoaxo costaricanus, was described by Nast (Ann Zool 33:93–101, 1975). Herein, two new species of Ocoaxo from Mexico are described. One of these new species forms a complex together with Ocoaxo assimilis (Walker) and Ocoaxo varians (Stål). The complex has economic importance in the mountainous areas of the states of Puebla and Oaxaca because it attacks Pinus spp. and causes a disorder called “pine decline.” Additionally, dichotomous keys were designed to identify the Ocoaxo Fennah groups and also the species of the subgroup bivittus.