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Ratiometric Cataluminescence for Rapid Recognition of Volatile Organic Compounds Based on Energy Transfer Process

Hu, Jiaxi, Zhang, Lichun, Song, Hongjie, Hu, Jianyu, Lv, Yi
Analytical chemistry 2019 v.91 no.7 pp. 4860-4867
chemical species, constitutional isomers, energy transfer, environmental protection, europium, ions, oxidation, terbium, volatile organic compounds, wavelengths
Recognition of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) is a hot topic full of challenge from the perspective of environmental protection and human security. Here, we developed a novel ratiometric cataluminescence (RCTL) method for fast identification and detection gas compounds at various concentrations based on the energy transfer process, by the means of introducing rare earth ions codoped metal oxide into cataluminescence (CTL) sensor system to work as sensing material. When the prepared stick-like Y₂O₃:Eu³⁺,Tb³⁺ is exposed to kinds of analytes, different energy transfer process take place to emit two new signals at the characteristic wavelength of Tb³⁺ (ITb) and Eu³⁺ (IEᵤ), which is available for us to identify miscellaneous gaseous compounds rely on the ratio of ITb to IEᵤ (ITb/IEᵤ). To confirm the feasibility of the proposed method, seven kinds of gas compounds, including homologous series and even structural isomers, were investigated and successfully distinguished in a wide range of concentrations. Besides, further discussion of the CTL sensing and recognition mechanism in this paper has facilitating effects on exploring reactive intermediates and explaining the essential principle of catalytic oxidation process.