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Enzymatic preparation of “functional oil” rich in feruloylated structured lipids with solvent-free ultrasound pretreatment

Zhang, Haiping, Zheng, Mingming, shi, Jie, Tang, Hu, Deng, Qianchun, Huang, Fenghong, Luo, Dan
Food chemistry 2018 v.248 pp. 272-278
activation energy, antioxidant activity, functional foods, mixing, oils, structured lipids, transesterification, triacylglycerols
In this study, a series of functional oils rich in feruloylated structured lipids (FSLs) was prepared by enzymatic transesterification of ethyl ferulate (EF) with triglycerides under ultrasound pretreatment. A conversion of more than 92.7% and controllable FSLs (3.1%–26.3%) can be obtained under the following conditions: 16% enzyme, substrate ratio 1:5 (oil/EF, mol/mol), 85 °C, ultrasound 1 h, pulse mode 3 s/3s (working/waiting), and 17.0 W/mL. Compared to conventional mechanical stirring, the activation energy decreased from 50.0 kJ/mol to 40.7 kJ/mol. The apparent kinetic constant increased by more than 13 times, and the time required for the maximum conversion reduced sharply from 20–60 h to 4–6h, which was the fastest rate for enzymatic synthesis of FSLs. The antioxidant activities of the functional oil significantly increased 1.0- to 8.1-fold more than that of the raw oil. The functional oil could be widely applied in various fields of functional foods.