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Stability of spray-dried beetroot extract using oligosaccharides and whey proteins

Carmo, Eloá Lourenço do, Teodoro, Rhana Amanda Ribeiro, Félix, Pedro Henrique Campelo, Fernandes, Regiane Victória de Barros, Oliveira, Érica Resende de, Veiga, Taís Regina Lima Abreu, Borges, Soraia Vilela, Botrel, Diego Alvarenga
Food chemistry 2018 v.249 pp. 51-59
antioxidant activity, beets, betalains, foods, hygroscopicity, inulin, maltodextrins, oligosaccharides, sorption isotherms, spray drying, storage temperature, thermal stability, thermogravimetry, whey protein isolate
The properties and stability of spray-dried beetroot extract using maltodextrin (MD), inulin (IN), and whey protein isolate (WPI) as carrier agents were evaluated. The values of moisture, betalains content, and retention were 3.33–4.24%, 348.79–385.47 mg/100 g (dry-basis), and 88.45–95.69%, respectively. Higher values of antioxidant activity were observed for the treatments using WPI. The treatment with inulin alone presented higher hygroscopicity in the moisture adsorption isotherms at 25 °C and lower thermal stability when evaluating the thermogravimetric curves. When stored at 60 °C, the use of WPI alone conferred lower stability to the beetroot extract powder. In general, the simultaneous use of IN and WPI as carrier agents resulted in good stability of the beetroot extract powder, representing an opportunity for innovation in food products.