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Application of ultrasound to improve lees ageing processes in red wines

del Fresno, Juan Manuel, Loira, Iris, Morata, Antonio, González, Carmen, Suárez-Lepe, Jose Antonio, Cuerda, Rafael
Food chemistry 2018 v.261 pp. 157-163
acidity, anthocyanins, astringency, autolysis, color, dissolved oxygen, lees, mouthfeel, oak chips, polyphenols, polysaccharides, red wines, ultrasonics, volatile compounds, yeasts
Ageing on lees (AOL) is a technique that increases volatile compounds, promotes colour stability, improves mouthfeel and reduces astringency in red wines. The main drawback is that it is a slow process. Several months are necessary to obtain perceptible effects in wines. Different authors have studied the application of new techniques to accelerate the AOL process. Ultrasound (US) has been used to improve different food industry processes; it could be interesting to accelerate the yeast autolysis during AOL. This work evaluates the use of the US technique together with AOL and oak chips for this purpose studying the effects of different oenological parameters of red wines. The results obtained indicate an increase of polysaccharides content when US is applied in wine AOL. In addition, total polyphenol index (TPI) and volatile acidity were not affected. However, this treatment increases the dissolved oxygen affecting the volatile compounds and total anthocyanins.