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Changes in the fatty acid composition in bitter Lupinus species depend on the debittering process

Curti, Carolina A., Curti, Ramiro N., Bonini, Norberto, Ramón, Adriana N.
Food chemistry 2018 v.263 pp. 151-154
Lupinus albus, Lupinus mutabilis, debittering, fatty acid composition, linoleic acid, lipid peroxidation, polyunsaturated fatty acids
The evaluation of changes in the fatty acid composition in Lupinus species after the debittering process is crucial to determine their nutritional implications. The aim of this study was to evaluate changes in the fatty acid composition in Lupinus albus and L. mutabilis after the debittering process. Lupinus species showed different fatty acid compositions which changed depending on the debittering process applied. The debittering process changed the monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids in L. albus, whereas in L. mutabilis it changed the w-6/w-3 ratio. However, the total saturated fatty acid content remained stable in both species after the debittering process. The changes in L. albus were associated with the fatty acid desaturation and a conversion into unsaturated fatty acids, whereas in L. mutabilis with the lipid peroxidation by decreasing the linoleic acid content. Nutritional implications of these changes in the fatty acid composition are discussed.