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Electrical stimulation or moisture infusion improves the eating quality attributes of loin and silverside cuts from female and immunocastrated male pigs

Channon, H.A., D'Souza, D.N., Dunshea, F.R.
Meat science 2018 v.143 pp. 257-267
electrical treatment, females, industry, longissimus muscle, males, pork, pork quality, slaughter, steaks, stir frying, swine
This study validated the effect of gender (female, immunocastrated male; n = 50), electrical stimulation (none or 150 mA constant current for 30 s at 2 min post-slaughter) and ageing period (2 or 14 d) on the eating quality of pork roast and stir fry sourced from the loin (M. longissimus thoracis et lumborum) and silverside (M. biceps femoris) and steak from the loin only. Moisture infusion was applied to 2 d aged, non-stimulated primals as a positive control treatment. Neither gender nor ageing period influenced (P > 0.05) eating quality. Electrical stimulation and moisture infusion were each effective interventions in improving pork eating quality, but their effects were inconsistent between the five cuts evaluated. No interventions achieved the fail rate target of <10% for quality grade for all cuts, indicating that additional interventions are needed to enable industry to consistently deliver high quality pork.