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Adhesive alginate for buccal delivery in aphthous stomatitis

Laffleur, Flavia, Küppers, Philip
Carbohydrate research 2019 v.477 pp. 51-57
alginates, bioadhesives, chronic diseases, cysteine, moieties, mouth, mucoadhesion, mucosa, permeability, therapeutics
Recurrent aphthous stomatitis being the most common chronic disease of the oral cavity affects 5–25% of the population.This study goals to develop a novel polymeric excipient based on alginate with enhanced mucoadhesion and controlled release for buccal therapy of aphthae.Sulfhydryl groups of amino acid cysteine (SH) was anchored on the polymeric backbone of alginate (AL). Furthermore, mucoadhesiveness, stability and release profile as well as permeation of ambroxol through buccal mucosa were examined.Sulfhydryl anchored alginate was successfully synthesized. The stability was 3.52-fold improved in presence of sulfhydryl anchored alginate compared to alginate. Mucoadhesive studies revealed an 11.56-fold augmentation in adhesion time with AL-SH instead of AL. Ambroxol showed a 1.4-fold controlled release in presence of AL-SH and AL, respectively. The permeation profile of ambroxol was 1.89-fold higher in case of AL-SH compared to AL.The obtained AL-SH will pave the pathway for the aphthae therapy.