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Preparation of methyl alginate and its application in acidified milk drinks

Xia, Kai, Zong, Peijie, Liu, Xin, Zhao, Jingkun, Zhang, Xiaodong
International journal of biological macromolecules 2019 v.132 pp. 651-657
acidified milk, alginates, beverages, esterification, gel strength, industrial applications, molecular weight, optical properties, pectins, propylene glycol, synergism, viscosity
A series of methyl alginate with different degree of esterification (DE) were prepared with low cost, and its application in acidified milk drinks (AMDs) was investigated. The gel strength, molecular weight, solution apparent viscosity and optical rotation value of methyl alginate all decreased with the increase of DE. Methyl alginate with DE equal or larger than 60.7% was more effective in stabilizing AMDs than high-methoxyl pectin (HMP) under the same conditions, and the higher the DE, the better its stabilizing ability. The methyl alginate had better synergistic action for stabilizing AMDs with propylene glycol alginate (PGA) than HMP. The reason for this could be attributed to that methyl alginate and PGA had the same main chain structure, and the same levorotatory optical activity. The results indicated that the methyl alginate had a potential industry application prospect for stabilizing AMDs as an alternative to HMP.