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Green mussel-inspired lignin magnetic nanoparticles with high adsorptive capacity and environmental friendliness for chromium(III) removal

Dai, Lin, Li, Yuantao, Liu, Rui, Si, Chuanling, Ni, Yonghao
International journal of biological macromolecules 2019 v.132 pp. 478-486
adsorbents, adsorption, bioenergy, chromium, industry, lignin, magnetism, nanoparticles, pulping, recycling, sustainable technology, wastewater
We report an ingenious technique to prepare magnetic alkaline lignin−dopamine nanoparticles (AL−DA/Fe3O4 NPs). Alkaline lignin, a kind of abundant waste from agriculture, pulping and bio-energy industry, was functionalized by the conjugation with DA molecules and nano-precipitation method. Benefiting from the three-dimensional network of lignin and mussel-inspired DA molecules, chromium(III) can be effectively removed by physisorption and chemisorption. The maximum Cr(III) adsorption capacity of AL−DA/Fe3O4 NPs was found to be 44.56 mg/g, which was among the highest of previously reported biomass-based Cr(III) adsorbents. Moreover, sensitive magnetic responsiveness (24.6 emu/g) of AL−DA/Fe3O4 NPs can be more helpful in recycling (over 90% recycled within 2 min) and multiple reusing. The preparation of this low-cost, high adsorptive capacity and good ecofriendly lignin-based nano-adsorbent is expected to become a sustainable technology to simultaneously achieve the wastewater reutilization from pulping and bio-energy industry and purification of other modern industries.