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The effects of salience of the sound of food on consumption

Ordabayeva, Nailya, Srinivasan, Raji
Appetite 2019 v.138 pp. 260-268
food labeling, monitoring, overeating, taste
In order to promote their products, food marketers use labels (e.g., crunchy) to make salient the sound created by the food when it is eaten. Will merely making the sound of the food salient (without changing its actual sound) affect consumption? The extant literature is silent on this question. Addressing this gap, we propose that the mere salience of the food's sound can impact consumption. In three studies, we find that the salience of the food's sound increases consumption because it enhances consumers' auditory experience of the sound of food and increases taste evaluations. However, the salience of the food's sound decreases consumption when experience of the food's sound is impaired or when consumption monitoring is high. The paper's findings advance research on auditory perceptions of food, food labeling, and food consumption, and offer guidance on how to enhance enjoyment and prevent overeating of sound-salient food.