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Chitosan-coated zein nanoparticles for oral delivery of resveratrol: Formation, characterization, stability, mucoadhesive properties and antioxidant activity

Pauluk, Daniele, Padilha, Ariane Krause, Khalil, Najeh Maissar, Mainardes, Rubiana Mara
Food hydrocolloids 2019 v.94 pp. 411-417
additive effect, adsorption, amino acids, antioxidant activity, bioadhesives, chitosan, coatings, encapsulation, gastric juice, hydrocolloids, mucins, nanocapsules, nanoparticles, oral administration, resveratrol, zein, zeta potential
In this study, zein nanoparticles coated with chitosan as resveratrol (RVT) carriers were developed and characterized. Nanoparticles were obtained by the liquid-liquid dispersion method and presented a mean diameter of 295 nm and low polydispersion index, besides spherical shape. Zeta potential after coating was +29 mV and the encapsulation efficiency was 51%. Moreover, RVT showed amorphous character after its nanoencapsulation. Chitosan coating improved the nanoparticles protection against the premature RVT release in simulated gastrointestinal fluids. In the in vitro release assay, it was observed a biphasic and prolonged RVT release. The antioxidant activity of RVT-loaded chitosan-coated zein nanoparticles was due to the additive effect of RVT plus the amino acids present in the zein structure. Moreover, chitosan played an essential role in the adsorption of mucin on the nanoparticles surface, demonstrating its mucoadhesive properties. The results show the potential of chitosan-coated zein nanoparticles as RVT carriers for oral administration.