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Identification of novel pathogenic F13A1 mutation and novel NBEAL2 gene missense mutation in a pedigree with hereditary congenital factor XIII deficiency

Jia, Siyuan, He, Yunyan, Lu, Meirong, Liao, Ning, Lei, Yonghong, Lauriane, Nikuze, Liang, Kairong, Wei, Hongying
Gene 2019 v.702 pp. 143-147
DNA, exons, genetic analysis, genetic disorders, heterozygosity, homozygosity, inheritance (genetics), missense mutation, mutants, parents, patients, pedigree, phenotype, sequence analysis, sequence deletion
The genetic defects of a 12-year-old patient with factor XIII deficiency (FXIIID) and eight pedigree members suspected with FXIIID were studied. Clinical diagnosis, pedigree investigation, phenotypic study and genetic analysis were performed. DNA sequence analysis revealed that the proband had a novel deletion mutation of F13A1 gene (NM_000129: exon 12: c.1652delC: p.Thr551LysfsTer26) which he inherited from both the parents who were heterozygous for the same 1652delC deletion. This frameshift (p.Thr551LysfsTer26) led in homozygous form to severe FXIIID. Additionally, a homozygous missense mutation of NBEAL2 gene (NM_015175: exon 13: c.1367C > T: p.Ala456Val) was identified in the proband. Again, the mutation was inherited from both the parents who were heterozygous for the same c.1367C > T novel mutation. Other members of the pedigree were also revealed to be heterozygous for the same proband's F13A1 and NBEAL2 genes mutations. We first report a pedigree with pathogenic F13A1 gene mutation and a novel mutant NBEAL2 gene.