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Contextualization of traditional dairy products of India by exploring multidimensional benefits of heating

Asgar, Shakeel, Chauhan, Manorama
Trends in food science & technology 2019 v.88 pp. 243-250
antioxidants, enzymes, food processing, heat treatment, lifestyle, microorganisms, milk, prebiotics, product quality, vegetative cells, India
Due to generation of beneficial compounds and destruction of vegetative cells, enzymes and microorganisms, heating of milk has been considered as the most vital processing method for product quality enhancement and safety.The presented overview of scientific research further strengthens these beneficial aspects of conventional milk heating in order to minimize the risk of modern life style diseases. Several innovative scientific studies on heating of milk have found this age old way of milk processing extremely beneficial which may leads the formation of myriad substances as prebiotics, antioxidants, anti-caricinogens and mineral assimilators. Though some minor demerits associated with heat treatment do hold true but are not compelling enough to dismiss the larger benefits of conventional thermal treatment.Characterization and optimization of heating process may bring manifold advantageous to curb the adversary of chronic ailments beside excellent products quality.