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Sequencing batch dry anaerobic digestion of mixed feedstock regulating strategies for methane production: Multi-factor interactions among biotic and abiotic characteristics

Yu, Jiadong, Zhao, Lixin, Feng, Jing, Yao, Zonglu, Huang, Kaiming, Luo, Juan, Wei, Shimeng, Chen, Jiankun
Bioresource technology 2019 v.284 pp. 276-285
anaerobic digestion, corn stover, cow manure, feedstocks, inoculum, methane production, methanogens, synergism, volatile fatty acids
This study investigated the synergistic effects and regulation strategy of multiple factors for improving methane production in sequencing batch dry anaerobic digestion (SBD-AD) using corn stalks (CS) and cow dung (CD). The regulation of the spray frequency (SF) and inoculum content (IC) significantly improved methane yield, which increased feedstock ratios (FRs) by 12.4–121.3%. Moreover, the relationship between SF and IC produced distinct interaction modes. An FR of 4:6 increased the SF to 2 h for the CD-rich condition, and an FR of 6:4 decreased the SF during a 6 h interval and increased the IC for the CS-rich condition, resulting in increases in methane yield and the conversion efficiency of volatile fatty acids (VFAs). Methanogenesis (Methanogens) played a key role in SBD-AD. The nutrient substrate (NH4-N+) and key enzyme activities of methanogens were significantly affected such that the synergistic effect of the acetoclastic and hydrogenotrophic methanogenesis pathways was likely strengthened.