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Enhanced field-scale characterization for watershed erosion assessments

Momm, H.G., Bingner, R.L., Wells, R.R., Porter, W.S., Yasarer, L., Dabney, S.M.
Environmental modelling & software 2019 v.117 pp. 134-148
AGNPS model, Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation, pollution load, sediment transport, sediment yield, sediments, watersheds
Watershed-scale simulation technology allows quantification of the impact of individual and/or integrated management practices throughout the watershed. In the AnnAGNPS watershed-scale model, the watershed is subdivided into basic modeling units (fields) in which all spatially varying physical parameters are assumed to be homogeneous. Conversely, RUSLE2 model can estimate sediment yield at sub-field scale with enhanced characterization capabilities. In this study, an integrated approach was developed and evaluated that combines both models for enhanced representation of individual fields while accounting for the watershed-wide integrated intra fields effect when routing sediment loads through the watershed. Critical sediment producing areas identified through integrated RUSLE2 erosion and AnnAGNPS sediment transport models can be used to support the development and evaluation of conservation management plans specific to fields but impacting the entire watershed.