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A bio-guided assessment of the anti-inflammatory activity of hop extracts (Humulus lupulus L. cv. Cascade) in human gastric epithelial cells

Sangiovanni, Enrico, Fumagalli, Marco, Santagostini, Laura, Forino, Martino, Piazza, Stefano, Colombo, Elisa, Taglialatela-Scafati, Orazio, Fico, Gelsomina, Dell'Agli, Mario
Journal of functional foods 2019 v.57 pp. 95-102
Humulus lupulus, active ingredients, anti-inflammatory activity, chalcones, epithelial cells, fractionation, gastric mucosa, in vitro digestion, inflammation, interleukin-8, models, secretion, tumor necrosis factor-alpha
The present work aims to characterize and investigate the anti-inflammatory activity of hop extracts (cv. Cascade) in an in vitro model of gastric inflammation. The biological activities of hydroalcoholic and aqueous extracts from cones were evaluated by comparing IL-8 inhibition induced by TNFα. The hydroalcoholic extract demonstrated a higher inhibitory effect, which was just slightly affected by an in vitro simulated gastric digestion. The identification of active compounds was performed by a bio-guided fractionation which afforded 11 fractions, one of which inhibited IL-8 release in a concentration-dependent fashion in human gastric epithelial AGS cells. Phytochemical analysis revealed xanthohumol A and xanthohumol D as the main active components. The present study provides some experimental evidences that Humulus lupulus L. may exert an anti-inflammatory activity on the gastric district by the inhibition of the IL-8 secretion, partially due to its prenylated chalcones content.