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Novel technologies applied for recovery and value addition of high value compounds from plant byproducts: A review

Ran, Xin-li, Zhang, Min, Wang, Yuchuan, Adhikari, Benu
Critical reviews in food science and nutrition 2019 v.59 no.3 pp. 450-461
antioxidants, bioactive compounds, drying, food industry, functional foods, pectins, plant byproducts, polyphenols, processing residues, technology
Plant byproducts of food processing industry line are undervalued yet important resource. These byproducts contain large percentage of high value functional substances such as antioxidants, pectin, polyphenols and so on. Recently, many research studies concentrated on innovative technologies that promise to overcome such issues as time consuming, inefficiency, and low yield, among others, which exist in most conventional techniques. Consequently, to achieve the recovery of nutraceuticals from high added-value by-products, it is necessary to have more knowledge of these novel technologies and more importantly explore the possibility of application of these latest technologies to the recovery downstream processing. The present work will summarize state-of-the-art technological approaches concerning extraction, superfine and drying applied to plant food processing residues. Simultaneously, the application of the bioactive components originated from byproducts in food industry will also be reviewed.