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New application of single and mixed immobilized cells for furfural biodegradation

Khudhair, Haneen A., Ismail, Zainab Z.
Bioremediation journal 2019 v.23 no.1 pp. 32-41
Pseudomonas, activated sludge, aqueous solutions, biodegradation, bioreactors, bioremediation, furfural, guar gum, immobilized cells, mixed culture, polyvinyl alcohol, recycling, sodium alginate
In this study, a new application of immobilized microbial cells for biodegradation of furfural in aqueous solution was investigated using spouted bed bioreactor. Pseudomonas sp., as a single type specie as well as activated sludge as mixed cultures were individually immobilized in 3 different bio-carrier matrices which were prepared by reinforcement of natural polysaccharides including sodium alginate, guar-gum and agar-agar with polyvinyl alcohol. The results demonstrated a complete removal (100%) of furfural from aqueous solutions using immobilized cells (IC) of Pseudomonas sp., and mixed cultures as well. Recycling of used IC for furfural removal in successive treatment cycles provided significant removal rates up to 96%. In general, results revealed that IC exhibited better performance compared to free cells in regard with the removal rate of furfural, duration of biodegradation process, as well as the ability for recycling and sustaining the high concentrations of furfural.