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Efficiency of traps in collecting selected Diptera families according to the used bait: comparison of baits and mixtures in a field experiment

Manko, Peter, Demková, Lenka, Kohútová, Martina, Oboňa, Jozef
European Journal of Ecology 2019 v.4 no.2 pp. 92-99
Drosophilidae, Platystomatidae, Scatopsidae, autumn, beers, bottles, ecology, field experimentation, gardens, insect traps, meat, summer, syrups, wines
Traps made from PET bottles were used to assess the efficiency of four baits in terms of the number of individuals for selected Diptera families collecting in Eastern Slovak gardens in summer and autumn. Bait used in traps significantly affected the taxonomical composition of the samples obtained. Moreover, significant differences in bait efficiencies and temporal shift in bait efficiencies were confirmed for the Diptera order and for selected dipteran families. The most effective bait for baited-trap Diptera sampling was beer, followed by wine, meat, and syrup from the summer sampling season. In the autumn sampling season, the wine was most effective, followed by beer, syrup, and meat. For the family Scatopsidae wine, and for the family Platystomatidae, meat were the most effective baits. Drosophilidae were most attracted to beer in summer and to wine bait in autumn.