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Bank erosion of the Tŕstie stream: BANCS model predictions vs. real bank erosion

Allmanová, Zuzana, Vlčková, Mária, Jankovský, Martin, Jakubis, Matúš, Allman, Michal
Vodohospodársky časopis 2019 v.67 no.2 pp. 121-128
bank erosion, models, prediction, sediments, streams, Slovakia
This paper focused on predicting the bank erosion through the Bank Assessment for Non-point source Consequences of Sediment (BANCS) model on the Tŕstie water stream, located in the western Slovakia. In 2014, 18 experimental sections were established on the stream. These were assessed through the Bank Erosion Hazard Index (BEHI) and the Near Bank Stress (NBS) index. Based on the data we gathered, we constructed two erosion prediction curves. One was for BEHI categories low and moderate, and one for high, very high, and extreme BEHI. Erosion predicted through the model correlated strongly with the real annual bank erosion – for low and moderate BEHI, the R² was 0.51, and for high, very high and extreme BEHI, the R² was 0.66. Our results confirmed that the bank erosion can be predicted with sufficient precision on said stream through the BANCS model.