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Identification of co-located QTLs and genomic regions affecting grapevine cluster architecture

Richter, Robert, Gabriel, Doreen, Rist, Florian, Töpfer, Reinhard, Zyprian, Eva
Theoretical and applied genetics 2019 v.132 no.4 pp. 1159-1177
Vitis vinifera, breeding, confidence interval, genes, genetic analysis, genetic markers, genomics, genotype, grapes, nucleotide sequences, phenotype, quantitative trait loci
Loose cluster architecture is an important aim in grapevine breeding since it has high impact on the phytosanitary status of grapes. This investigation analyzed the contributions of individual cluster sub-traits to the overall trait of cluster architecture. Six sub-traits showed large impact on cluster architecture as major determinants. They explained 57% of the OIV204 descriptor for cluster compactness rating in a highly diverse cross-population of 149 genotypes. Genetic analysis revealed several genomic regions involved in the expression of this trait. Based on the linkage of phenotypic features to molecular markers, QTL calculations shed new light on the genetic determinants of cluster architecture. Eight QTL clusters harbor overlapping confidence intervals of up to four co-located QTLs. A physical projection of the QTL clusters by confidence interval-flanking markers onto the PN40024 reference genome sequence revealed genes enriched in these regions.