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Taurine protects against NMDA-induced retinal damage by reducing retinal oxidative stress

Jafri, Azliana Jusnida Ahmad, Agarwal, Renu, Iezhitsa, Igor, Agarwal, Puneet, Ismail, Nafeeza Mohd
Amino acids 2019 v.51 no.4 pp. 641-646
apoptosis, catalase, ganglia, glutathione, malondialdehyde, oxidative stress, rats, retina, staining, superoxide dismutase, taurine
This study aimed to evaluate effect of TAU on NMDA-induced changes in retinal redox status, retinal cell apoptosis and retinal morphology in Sprague–Dawley rats. Taurine was injected intravitreally as pre-, co- or post-treatment with NMDA and 7 days post-treatment retinae were processed for estimation of oxidative stress, retinal morphology using H&E staining and retinal cell apoptosis using TUNEL staining. Treatment with TAU, particularly pre-treatment, significantly increased retinal glutathione, superoxide dismutase and catalase levels compared to NMDA-treated rats; whereas, the levels of malondialdehyde reduced significantly. Reduction in retinal oxidative stress in TAU pre-treated group was associated with significantly greater fractional thickness of ganglion cell layer within inner retina and retinal cell density in inner retina. TUNEL staining showed significantly reduced apoptotic cell count in TAU pre-treated group compared to NMDA group. It could be concluded that TAU protects against NMDA-induced retinal injury in rats by reducing retinal oxidative stress.