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Improvement of the Application of Plant Protection Products in Orchards by Using a Laser Scanner as an Alternative to Infrared Sensors

Kemmerling, Matthias, Overbeck, Verena, Wegener, Jens Karl, Pelzer, Tanja
Gesunde Pflanzen 2019 v.71 no.Supplement 1 pp. 57-64
application parameters, canopy, fruit growing, leaves, orchards, plant protection, scanners, sprayers
Sensor-based sprayers allow the application of plant protection products in orchards to be better adapted to the crop. This means that plant protection products can be saved and drift can be reduced. Up to now, multiple infrared sensors often are used to detect the leaf wall with the required resolution. Searching for alternative sensor systems, it was investigated whether 2D laser scanners are also suitable for use in fruit growing. For this purpose, measurement data from test runs with a laser scanner in several orchards were analysed. The aim of the investigation was to make statements for the use of laser scanners in general and to work out the influencing parameters relevant in this context. Factors such as travel speed, sensor height, the influence of different canopy structures, as well as the importance of the angular resolution and scanning frequency of the laser scanner with regard to the quality of the recorded data were considered. The data shall be used for the adjustment of the application parameters and thus for further optimization of the application process.