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Direct Injection in Precision Crop Protection—Site-Specific Application of Crop Protection Products

Pohl, Jan-Philip, Rautmann, Dirk, Nordmeyer, Henning, von Hörsten, Dieter
Gesunde Pflanzen 2019 v.71 no.Supplement 1 pp. 51-55
electronics, liquids, nozzles, pesticides, plant protection, prototypes, research projects, sprayers, spraying
As part of an 18-month research project, a field sprayer with direct injection for the site-specific application of crop protection products was further developed and intensively tested in practical use. The focus was on the fact that the device had to be able to apply several pesticides in one pass independently of each other without delay and precisely. The field sprayer has two separate nozzle lines, each with at least one separate direct injection unit. The nozzle lines can be precharged with the respective spray liquid by the circulation system, so that the specified target concentration is immediately available when the nozzles are switched on. Precision Spraying requires a site-specific application of crop protection products. Without direct injection into the crop protection system, the site-specific application cannot be implemented in agriculture. The aim of the project is the intensive testing of the direct injection in the field in order to evaluate the reliability of the system and the effects of the site-specific treatment. An important question in this context was the optimization of the handling of the prototype, the electronics and the direct injection itself. The current state of development of the field sprayer with direct injection will be shown and the results of tests and solutions developed in the research project will be presented. The investigations show that practical systems for delay-free direct injection can be realized and that a site-specific application of different crop protection products is possible.