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Nozzle Combinations and Arrangements for Use of a Tramline Deactivation on Field Sprayers

Bröring, Johannes, von Hörsten, Dieter
Gesunde Pflanzen 2019 v.71 no.Supplement 1 pp. 45-49
nozzles, plant protection, sprayers, spraying, Germany
In Germany the use of plant protection products should be limited to the necessary extent. This relieves the environment and reduces the application costs for plant protection (BMEL 2013). A contribution to this is provided by the use of a tramline deactivation on field sprayers, which avoids plant protection products in the tramline during the application. The aim of the project is to avoid the entry of plant protection products into the tramlines by changing the nozzle combinations and arrangements of field sprayers. First, distribution patterns of different individual nozzles were recorded and from this the lateral distribution of theoretical nozzle assemblies were derived. Thereafter, the combinations and arrangements that theoretically achieved a good recess were actually tested on a horizontal patternator. The tramline size was initially set to 2 m track width and 0.5 m tire width. The results show that the entry of spraying liquids into the tramline can be almost completely omitted and because of those plant protection products amounting of 2.96–3.31% can be saved.