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Experimental investigation of solar still with opaque north triangular face

Kaviti, Ajay Kumar, Yadav, Akhilesh, Shukla, Amit
International journal of green energy 2019 v.16 no.6 pp. 442-449
glass, solar still, summer
Developing a compact, simple, and productive solar still is a main challenge. This paper describes a simple modification of the solar still that significantly enhances its productivity. A laboratory scale of modified single effect double slope glass solar still with the opaque triangular north wall has been developed and tested for enhancement of productivity in sunny days of the summer season in the month of April. The experiments on still have been carried out under three levels of water depths from 1 to 3 cm and compared it with the performance of conventional still of double slope single effect solar still of the same size. It is clear from the observations that opaque type still gave maximum distillate of 1793 ml at 1 cm depth of water while conventional still could produce only 1519 ml for the same depth of water. Also, for 2 and 3 cm depth of water, the opaque type still found to be more productive than conventional double slope solar still. As the former produced 1532 and 1464 ml while the latter produced 1328 and 1235 ml, for 2 and 3 cm depth of water, respectively.