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Extrinsic modeling and simulation of helio-photovoltaic system: a case of single diode model

Nnamchi, S. N., Mundu, M. M., Busingye, J. D., Ezenwankwo, J. U.
International journal of green energy 2019 v.16 no.6 pp. 450-467
diodes, electric potential difference, models, photons, semiconductors, solar radiation, temperature
Simulation of helio-photovoltaic system is continuously undergoing revolution through diverse parameter modifications which closely mimic the experimental data. In retrospect, the current work has presented a nonlinear modification of equivalent circuit parameters and simulated the same for different semiconductors (crystalline and thin films); furthermore, established a mathematical relation between the coefficients of solar irradiance and module temperature (SIMT); moreover, investigated the influence of SIMT on the model parameters. The simulation upshot reveals that increment in solar irradiance (SI) intensifies the output current whereas an increase in module temperature (MT) diminishes the output voltage; the SIMT coefficients developed validated well with the manufacturers data; the influence of SI was evident on the photon current, diode current, and shunt resistance whereas the effect of MT was pronounced on the diode current, ideality factor, and shunt resistance. Thus, the provision made by this work is essential for advanced design and simulation of helio-photovoltaic systems.