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Function, restoration, and ecosystem services of riverine wetlands in the temperate zone

Yang, Tian-Xue, Sheng, Lian-Xi, Zhuang, Jie, Lv, Xian-Guo, Cai, Yan-Peng
Ecological engineering 2016 v.96 pp. 1-7
dynamic models, ecological restoration, ecosystem services, ecosystems, experts, guidelines, issues and policy, rivers, temperate zones, wetlands
In this special issue, a number of the latest and meaningful research related to riverine wetlands from a variety of fields were presented and discussed, covering investigation and analysis of many studying sites, development of ecosystem service evaluation approaches, propose of ecosystems modeling methods, advancement of wetland restoration and protection techniques and strategies, as well as the applications of these methods and models in several typical wetlands and the associated river systems. In this special issue, 24 papers were selected for a thorough peer review process with at least two rounds of reviews. According to the journal's guideline and requirement, the 24 papers were reviewed by at least two authoritative experts in this field. All papers were related to the topic of “Function, Restoration, and Ecosystem Services of Riverine Wetlands in the Temperate Zone,” offering a good view of relevant issues and research status, techniques, and applications for restoration. The 24 papers can be categorized into four groups: (a) investigation and evaluation of ecosystem services and functions, (b) dynamic modeling and optimal management of ecosystem services, (c) policies and technologies for ecosystem restoration, and (d) practices and application of ecosystems modeling and restoration approaches.