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Microwave drying process of corns based on double-porous model

Zhou, Jie, Yang, Xiaoqing, Zhu, Huacheng, Yuan, Jianping, Huang, Kama
Drying technology 2019 v.37 no.1 pp. 92-104
food matrix, foods, mass transfer, microwave drying, porous media, temperature, theoretical models
Current microwave drying of food product models have generally neglected mass transfer physics, which have resulted in higher predicted temperatures within the food matrix. It is necessary to include mass transfer physics in modeling microwave drying of food products, especially when they are dry for longer durations. In the actual drying process, most of the dry material is a double-porous media formed by the mutual accumulation of porous media, and there is no systematic theory to analyze the drying process of double-porous media. This work presents a new theoretical model based on the ractive pellet bed to achieve the simulation of microwave drying in situation of stacked corns. Compared with the applicable to porous model and analyzed the difference, finally through the change of temperature and moisture was measured by experiments to verify the rationality and accuracy of the double-porous model.