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Hyperbaric storage at variable room temperature – a new preservation methodology for minced meat compared to refrigeration

Fernandes, Pedro AR, Moreira, Sílvia A, Santos, Mauro D, Duarte, Ricardo V, Santos, Diana I, Inácio, Rita S, Alves, Susana P, Bessa, Rui JB, Delgadillo, Ivonne, Saraiva, Jorge A
Journal of the science of food and agriculture 2019 v.99 no.7 pp. 3276-3282
Enterobacteriaceae, ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, color, food preservation, lipid peroxidation, minced meat, molds (fungi), pH, refrigeration, storage conditions, yeasts
Hyperbaric storage (HS) at variable room temperature (RT) has been proposed as an alternative to refrigeration at atmospheric pressure (RF/AP) for food preservation. Little information is available regarding the effect of HS in meat products. In this study the RT/HS effect was evaluated at 100 MPa and variable RT (≈20 °C) for minced meat preservation up to 24 h, initially for one batch. A further two different batches were studied independently. Microbiological and physicochemical parameters were analyzed to assess the feasibility of RT/HS, using storage at RF/AP and variable RT/AP (≈20 °C), for comparison. A post‐hyperbaric storage (post‐HS) was also tested over 4 days at RF/AP. For the first batch the results showed that RT/HS allowed a decrease of the total aerobic mesophile value (P < 0.05) when compared to the initial sample, whereas at RF/AP and RT/AP, values increased to > 6 Log CFU g⁻¹ after 24 h. Similarly, Enterobacteriaceae increased > 1 and > 2 Log CFU g⁻¹ at RF/AP and RT/AP, respectively, while yeasts and molds presented similar and lower overall loads compared to the initial samples for all storage conditions, whereas RT/HS always allowed lower counts to be obtained. Regarding pH, lipid oxidation, and color parameters, RT/HS did not cause significant changes when compared to RF/AP, except after 24 h, where pH increased. The three batches presented similar results, the differences observed being mainly due to the heterogeneity of the samples. RT/HS is a potential quasi‐energetic costless alternative to RF for at least short‐term preservation of minced meat. © 2018 Society of Chemical Industry