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Density enhancement of a faba bean genetic linkage map (Vicia faba) based on simple sequence repeats markers

Yang, Tao, Jiang, Junye, Zhang, Hongyan, Liu, Rong, Strelkov, Stephen, Hwang, Sheau‐Fang, Chang, Kan‐Fa, Yang, Feng, Miao, Yamei, He, Yuhua, Zong, Xuxiao
Plant breeding 2019 v.138 no.2 pp. 207-215
Vicia faba, chromosome mapping, crops, cultivars, expressed sequence tags, faba beans, genomics, linkage groups, loci, marker-assisted selection, microsatellite repeats, oligodeoxyribonucleotides, parents, screening
Genetic mapping for faba bean lags far behind other major crops. Density enhancement of the faba bean genetic linkage map was carried out by screening 5,325 genomic SSR primers and 2033 expressed sequence tag (EST)‐SSR primers on the parental cultivars '91825' and 'K1563'. Two hundred and fifteen genomic SSR and 133 EST‐SSR primer pairs that detected polymorphisms in the parents were used to screen 129 F₂ individuals. This study added 337 more SSR markers and extended the previous linkage map by 2928.45 cM to a total of 4516.75 cM. The number of SSR markers in the linkage groups varied from 12 to 136 while the length of each linkage group ranged from 129.35 to 1180.21 cM. The average distance between adjacent loci in the enhanced genetic linkage map was 9.71 cM, which is 2.79 cM shorter than the first linkage map of faba bean. The density‐enhanced genetic map of faba bean will be useful for marker‐assisted selection and breeding in this important legume crop.