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Enzyme adsorption properties on dilute acid pretreated biomass by low vacuum-scanning electron microscopy and structural analysis of lignin

Kim, Jo Eun, Lee, Jae-Won
Bioresource technology 2018 v.262 pp. 107-113
adsorption, biomass, catalysts, electron microscopy, enzymatic hydrolysis, glucans, lignin, oxalic acid, sulfuric acid
In this study, enzyme adsorption properties were investigated as a function of the structural change of lignin in dilute acid pretreated biomass using oxalic and sulfuric acid catalysts under the same reaction conditions. Although the contents of glucan and lignin in the dilute acid pretreated biomass were similar regardless of the catalysts used, the enzymatic hydrolysis efficiency and degree of enzyme adsorption differed considerably. The highest efficiencies were 87.79% and 96.49% for the oxalic acid and sulfuric acid catalysts, respectively. The reasons for this observation were investigated by low vacuum-scanning electron microscopy and the structural analysis of lignin. In the oxalic acid pretreated biomass, the enzyme was irreversibly adsorbed onto the lignin. The oxalic acid pretreated biomass possessed a higher content of G-type lignin than did the sulfuric acid pretreated biomass. This type of lignin has a high affinity for the enzyme, inducing irreversible enzyme adsorption onto the biomass.