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Energy policies and environmental security: A multi-criteria analysis of energy policies of Pakistan

Hassan, Mabroor, Khan Afridi, Manzoor, Irfan Khan, Muhammad
International journal of green energy 2019 v.16 no.7 pp. 510-519
energy, energy policy, energy resources, environmental degradation, human development, multi-criteria decision making, sustainable development, Pakistan
Access to affordable and efficient energy is a basic human right and an imperative for human development. The energy policies usually ponder technical, economic, environmental, and social aspects for successful procurement of energy and endowment of energy resources. The objectives of this paper are to analyze energy policies in Pakistan and assess their relationship with environmental security and development. An empirical and multi-criteria decision analysis was used to unfold the strong interactions of energy security with development and environment. The energy policies in Pakistan are more equipped with economic and technical aspects, fairly framed with social aspects and poorly pampered with environmental facets. The dearth of environmental aspects will not only results in environmental degradation but also lag the development and achievement of Sustainable Development Goals.