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Investigating the role of Ebp1 in Chandipura virus infection

Dey, Dhritiman, Honda, Ayae, Chattopadhyay, Dhrubajyoti
Journal of biosciences 2019 v.44 no.2 pp. 31
Chandipura virus, binding proteins, cell growth, erbB-3 receptor, influenza, progeny, protein synthesis, ribonucleoproteins, viral inclusion bodies, viral proteins, viruses
ErbB-3 binding protein 1 (Ebp1) is a host protein which binds ErbB-3 receptor to induce signalling events for cell growth regulation. In addition, Ebp1 also interacts with ribonucleoprotein complexes. In recent times, Ebp1 was found to play an antagonistic role in viral infections caused by Influenza and Rinderpest viruses. In our present work we have tried to understand the role of Ebp1 in Chandipura virus (CHPV) infection. We have observed an induction in Ebp1 expression upon CHPV infection similar to other viruses. However, unlike other viruses an overexpressed Ebp1 only reduces viral protein expression, but does not affect its progeny formation. Additionally, this effect is being carried out in an indirect manner, as there is no interaction between Ebp1 and viral proteins. This is despite Ebp1’s presence in viral inclusion bodies.