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Direct large-scale fabrication of C-encapsulated B4C nanoparticles with tunable dielectric properties as excellent microwave absorbers

Ma, Mengdong, Yang, Ruilong, Zhang, Can, Wang, Bochong, Zhao, Zhisheng, Hu, Wentao, Liu, Zhongyuan, Yu, Dongli, Wen, Fusheng, He, Julong, Tian, Yongjun
Carbon 2019 v.148 pp. 504-511
X-ray diffraction, absorption, carbon, ceramics, dielectric properties, nanoparticles
Composites that consist of ceramic and C materials have attracted considerable attention in the microwave absorption field. In this work, we applied a facile and scalable synthesis strategy to prepare B4C nanoparticles with core–shell structures. XRD and Raman results confirmed the existence of B4C and amorphous C in the core–shell B4C nanoparticles. Morphological analysis revealed that the B4C nanoparticles exhibited regular morphologies with average diameter of approximately 100 nm and were well encapsulated by amorphous C shells. The C-coated B4C nanoparticles fabricated with a B/C ratio of 1:1.25 and with thicknesses of 1.5 mm provided the lowest reflection loss value of −60.8 dB at 15.5 GHz. The C coated B4C nanoparticles have considerable potential uses as microwave absorbers given their facile preparation and excellent microwave absorption performance.